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history of football (soccer)

Welcome to FootballHistory.org, a website about football history including competitions, teams and players.

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"Soccer team" and "Soccer" redirect here. For the band, see Soccer Team (band).

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Soccer, game played by two teams on a rectangular field, in which players attempt to knock a round ball through the opponents’ goal, using any part of the body except the hands.

History of Football -- and the Word "Soccer"

Football, a game invented in England, has now spread around the world.

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Significant events in the history of the game of soccer / football, how it originated and developed to the world game it is now

Soccer Originated. Soccer History.

First Name Coaches need your parent's name. ... The History Of Soccer.

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Soccer has been played in various forms though out history.

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This article is about the American variation of gridiron football.

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Known to most of the rest of the world as football, or “fútbol,” the beautiful game is almost exclusively referred to as soccer in the United States.